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Hi, I’m Natalia. Owner and principal photographer at The Darkroom Dweeb located in Broomall just outside of Philadelphia, PA (GO BIRDS!). I am devoted to celebrating your adventures through life and preserving your memories. As your portrait photographer, I capture the most valuable moments of your life. Whether it be growing your family or business, your children graduating school, or anywhere else life takes you, these days are all worth remembering! Let's join forces and plan something fabulous that will capture your good side!

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My Story

Ciao! My name is Natalia and I'm what you call a bit of a photography enthusiast. Since I was a very young girl, I've always been drawn to pictures, be they in magazines, books, photo albums or even on the walls of local businesses. There's just something about the amalgam of colors, shapes, faces and light coming together in perfect harmony that I find irrevocably fascinating.

I've always believed that the best photos are those that are hard to look away from. The kind that catch your eye and make you want to study every tiny pixel. Just when you think you've seen it all, you have to look back just once more to make sure you didn't miss anything. Those are the kinds of photos I strive to take every single day at The Darkroom Dweeb. Photos that are engaging, compelling and worthy of displaying proudly in your home or place of business.

I got my first camera at the age of 5, a Christmas gift from my mom. It wasn't a particularly expensive camera, but it was Barbie and it was the 90s so it was all the rage. I took it everywhere and I took pictures of everything. The row homes in my neighborhood, the fruit at the farmer's market, our Chow Chow's stealing pies from my mother's Thanksgiving table. Nothing was off limits.

What I mostly loved photographing, though, was people. That is still true to this day.

People are so interesting and I love capturing their spirit on camera; my goal is convey their feelings, thoughts and emotions and preserve them forever in a photograph.

You know what I'm talking about. That twinkle of deep affection in a father's eye when he looks over to his wife holding their first born child. The calm serenity that overcomes an expecting woman as she gently touches her swollen belly. The heat between a newly engaged couple who can't

seem to stop staring at each other. The commanding presence of a high school senior who's posing with enough confidence for their entire graduating class. Or that ounce of mischief in a brother's sly grin as he looks up at his older sister.

To me, portrait photography is all about capturing emotions, personalities and the dynamics of various relationships. When I photograph you and your loved ones, that's always my goal.

Yes, I've owned many cameras since my first and I've certainly grown as a photographer. Although my cameras have changed and skills have grown, one fact remains a constant: my inherent fascination and appetite for portrait photography. Let me share my passion with you, won't you?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(443) 819-0083

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