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Five Ways To Gift Professional Photos To A Loved One

Are you looking to put your professional photographs to good use as a gift? Skip the store-bought gifts and do something more personal for the special person in your life. Anyone can find a quick gift, but when it is made with love and from the heart, it makes it much more unique and special. I have rounded up five ideas for you check out:

1. If you recently tied the knot, surprise your new in-laws and parents with a sweet frame of you and your spouse! This is a touching way to show them you are glad to be part of the family. Parents love seeing their children grown up and living happily ever after.

2. Do a secret boudoir session. Once you receive the final images back, hide them in places where your significant other will find them! They will be begging to view more.

3. Use a photo from a family session and create your own Christmas cards. Send them out to family and friends to enjoy and wish them happy holidays! Better yet, include magnets on them so they can stick to a fridge.

4. If you have a best friend, be comical and turn a mug into a portrait of you! What better way to brighten their day with some humor? Give it as a birthday gift to them!

5. Create a real-life puzzle game for kids out of a photograph. Kids love memory games! Turn a family photo into something educational, but enjoyable at the same time.

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