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6 Pointers for a Smooth Mini

1. What to wear or not to wear, that is the big question! It is best to have your outfits ready to go several days in advance. Take plenty of time to try them on. You want them to look and feel great (I have more on this below). Doing this in advance will alleviate stress as picture day approaches.

2. Make sure you and your family are well rested! Go to bed early, if possible, the night before. Kids and adults both need their beauty sleep. A well-rested family is a family that is ready to rock out their photoshoot.

3. Amp it up. I love making the session enjoyable for your child. Have them mentally prepared for the whole process. You can talk to them about how much fun it will be. Tell them you are going to be meeting our new friend (my name). You can tell them about my cool camera, lights, and equipment. Tell them how famous people go to photoshoots and make it interest them! The sky is the limit here.

4. A little bribe never hurt anybody, right? Bring a snack, favorite toy, noisemaker, blanket, basically anything that makes your child(ren) happy! We can use these as rewards for a job well done or just to get that perfect shot. My research shows that this will sometimes work on your spouse, too!

5. Top mistake alert: I HIGHLY recommend coming with a full belly. Waiting until after our photoshoot can cause major problems. A hangry child, spouse, or even yourself probably won’t enjoy the mini-session and have irritability. Keep your clothes photo-ready and clean by dressing for the shoot after you eat.

6. Because I book mini-sessions back-to-back, there is no space for wiggle room. Plan on being here ten minutes early! Being here early ensures you are ready to go when it is your turn. We want to be respectful of everyone’s time and make the most out of your beautiful family’s photographs!

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